Bright Start Academy uses our very own Start Smart Curriculum. This curriculum is based on research, practice, and input from early childhood professionals. It encompasses a wide range of educational domains, such as social and emotional skills, character education, language and literacy, writing, math and manipulatives, science, blocks, cognitive thinking, dramatic play, music and movement, gross and fine motor, self-help skills and more.

Our Start Smart Curriculum is a spiral, thematic-based curriculum that prepares our students for a lifetime of educational success. The diverse, child-friendly themes foster a love for learning by providing intrinsic motivation for learning. The educational themes are integrated into every aspect of your child’s day.

Our teachers develop complex, thematic lesson plans based on the developmental needs of each individual classroom. The creative lessons and exciting activities build upon each other and spark children’s natural curiosity.

We want every child to have a purposeful day filled with developmentally appropriate activities. At Bright Start Academy, children are engaged with hands-on activities, and are given many opportunities to explore their environment with their peers, teachers, and individually.

Bright Start Academy views our outdoor campus as an extension to the classroom. Our teachers regularly bring learning experiences outside, weather permitting.

Every experience is an opportunity to learn. From family-style dining to character education, our developmentally appropriate curriculum gives your child a FULL day of learning, no matter what he or she is doing. Our professional educators model desired behaviors and skills for the children, all while having fun!

Our teachers complete ongoing, developmentally appropriate assessments to evaluate our students’ progress and development in each educational domain. The assessments and children’s performance are shared with parents as needed or during parent-teacher conferences.