What to Expect in this Class – Kindergarten Readiness:
Preparing your child for Kindergarten includes focusing on cognitive development, social skills and life skills. Our professional educators will work with your child to learn early reading, math, and writing skills while engaged in an exciting theme. We also concentrate on following directions, promoting independence and establishing social skills. In the Pre-Kindergarten program, children are introduced to topics, such as sight words, letter blends, 3D shapes, complex weather concepts, an introduction to money and time and more. This strong educational foundation will make the transition into Kindergarten as smooth as possible.

Keeping You Informed:
Partnering and collaborating with you and your family is vital for success while preparing for the transition to Kindergarten. Our Pre-Kindergarten teachers will share ongoing progress and feedback with you and your family. Our educators maintain an assessment portfolio for each child, which tracks developmental and educational progress using developmental screenings, photographs, and work samples. Parent-teacher conferences are offered twice per year to formally track your child’s readiness through assessments.

Daily Schedule:
The Pre-Kindergarten program at Bright Start Academy offers a structured daily schedule to provide consistency for your child. Our days are filled with interactive activities, such as large and small group activities, centers, and individualized instruction, much like your child’s future Kindergarten classroom. Your child will spend their days learning literacy, language, math, science, art, music and more! Through engaged and educational play, your child will develop a love for learning in preparation for this next important milestone.

Nurturing Educators:
Our qualified and caring teaching staff provides exciting activities and educational experiences to help your child develop skills they will use throughout their educational journey. Through individual interactions, group activities, and developmentally appropriate lesson plans, our teachers will guide, support, and challenge your child.

Clean, Safe, and Stimulating Environment:
The Pre-Kindergarten classroom is designed to optimize each child’s learning experience. The setting, layout, and equipment of the classroom give Pre-Kindergarteners many opportunities to challenge themselves through sensory experiences. Our classroom is divided into learning stations, each that provide educational materials in the areas of: science, art, manipulatives and math, blocks, language and literacy, dramatic play, gross and fine motor, music and movement, writing and more. The learning environment is literacy rich, which promotes early reading skills. Our Pre-Kindergarteners have a playground with developmentally appropriate outdoor equipment designed for this age group.