Summer Is Here!

This is a GREAT chart that we utilize for outdoor play when it is hot! We look at this in regards to the color. Green is good, the children will get their full time outside. Yellow is a warning that their time will be shortened to 10-15 min. Red is TOO HOT and there will be […]

Taco Tuesday!

Today we had a blast in our Four’s room making tacos in honor of NAEYC Week of the Young Child! Ms. Maggie educated the children about the healthy ingredients in a taco and how to make one. The children’s favorite ingredient is cheese. Our staff also participated in taco Tuesday and had


Happy Friday! We have had a wonderful week at BSA. We are so excited for next week, because it’s naeyc WEEK of the YOUNG CHILD celebration. It’s a time to celebrate our young learners! Take a look at the website attached to see what our plan is for the week. We are going to have [&hellip